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Astir Analytics
50 Cragwood Rd., Suite 219
South Plainfield, NJ 07080
Tel: 1.908.279.8670 x704
Fax: 1.973.215.2191

Abstract --- Astir Analytics Solutions Overview

Astir Analytics has a host of unique solutions designed to help marketing and sales departments justify their organizational worth. We specialize in analytics and reporting, and can help your marketing and sales organizations pull together the key data components necessary to demonstrate organizational value to executives and stakeholders. We build custom business tools that can help identify, gather, clean, analyze, and interpret the correct information.

Astir Analytics is part of the Astir Family of Companies. Astir IT was founded in 2001 by 2 people and a vision. It began as a small home operation, but as time progressed and the reputation for excellence flourished, the business expanded quickly. Astir IT grew exponentially with every passing year and today we have over 300 employees across the United States, and have offices in New Jersey, California, and India.

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